Anatomy of the Spine

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Anatomy of the Spine

The Spine

The human spine (vertebral column) consists of 33-34 individual bones, the vertebrae that are connected to each other anteriorly wiyth the intervertebral discs and posteriorly with the Facet joints. The vertebral column protects the spinal cord from injuries and infections, it supports the weight of our body helping us to stand up straight, it allows us to bend or twist our body.
Between the vertebrae as there are the intervertebral discs that act as shock absorvants in the spine and allow the spine to move.

Spine Sections

Depending on their region, the vertebrae are divided in five sections:

  • The Cervical-, which consists of 7 vertebrae
  • The Thoracic, which consists of 12 vertebrae
  • The Lumbar which consists of 5 vertebrae
  • The Sacrum which consists of 5 vertebrae that are fused into one bone
  • The Coccyx region which consists of 4 vertebrae that are fused together into one bone